Editorial Design

Trivselsboka is a consept from Trivselsleder AS. Their goal is to support activity and inclusiveness in school.  Trivselsboka is a scheme that is carried out throughout the school-year. 

Trivselsboka is a series of four books, that targets students in elementary school from the ages of 6 to 12. The books follow the school year and include programs with different activities. Each of the programs targets different goals and is made so that the students can think and reflect on the activity each month.

Trivselsleder AS

Graphic Design:
Jennipher Johansen & Gabriella Cuic

Kari Sortland & Tirill Slettbakk



How to create inclusive books that appeal to children regardless of age with playful and colorful expressions? But also urge play, activity, and learning.  


Create books that are inclusive and welcoming for students in elementary school. The books have to be used as a resource for teachers parallel to the school curriculum.


The result was a series of four different books with a teacher’s guide to work alongside the four books. Each book is suited for each age group.

Color and Typography

It’s important that the books appeal to children in elementary school, but also be legible and informative. We chose the font “Montserrat” because it’s a friendly font with good readability, that suits well for children. Each book is differentiated with its own color, and the programs are color coded for each month.