Visual Identity

“Musikaliteten” is a musical theatre festival that takes place every year, by students at the Musikkteaterhøyskolen. The festival changes its theme every year, and for 2021 the theme was fear. 

The concept of “Danger Zone” tells the story of how people get triggered by their fear. People get curious about what is hiding behind the unknown. The caution tape illustrates the danger zone and is a central element behind the concept. 


Jennipher Johansen, Cecilie Myrland, Camilla Haugland Gundersen & Stine Holen.



We have all felt some kind of fear. It can have been there for a long time, or it is something that happens spontaneously. We have all our one danger zone and fears. What triggers our fears are different from every people.

Target Group

The target group is young adults in the age range of 18 to 28. They are creative and curious about life. They like to take risks and challenge their fear. They want to know what is wearing for them on the other side of the danger zone. 

The caution tape challenges the target group to step out of their comfort zone and seek what’s hiding behind it. 


The logo is built up by the shapes of the caution tape and spotlights on stage, which together shape the letter M