Visual Identity | UX/UI-design

Medus is a total supplier of hearing aids and accessories. Their clients are hospitals and private ear, nose, and throat clinics all over Norway. 

Medus wanted to develop a new visual identity that had to work with their exciting logo, as well as develop a new website with an integrated webshop.

My role in this project was to create the visual identity with a brand board, and create the new website.

Medus AS

Stem Agency



As one of the only few, and biggest suppliers of hearing aids and accessories in Norway they needed branding that could make their position in the market stronger. 


Medus wanted a new visual identity that could work with its existing logo. The new branding had to be received as a local business, safe and professional. 

Color Palette

The colors that we ended up with complemented the red color that they already had. The color gives the feeling of warmth, safety, and closeness.