Loppis came together as a result of wanting to have an overview of the upcoming flea markets in our area.

Loppis makes it easier for people to find and create upcoming flea markets. 

(The project was done October 2019 in collaboration with a fellow student, but I have made adjustments to the design April 2021)

School project

Jennipher Johansen & Gabriella Cuic



To create a user-friendly app for people that are interested in used and cheaper projects in their selected area.


The process started by finding out the user’s needs with a survey so that we could get a better understanding of their needs. Through this survey, we found out that people who frequent flea markets are people that like to find unique objects because it’s cheaper than buying new ones. But some people also like to frequent flea markets because it’s social and eco-conscious. 
The process continued with user analysis, user-journey, sketching, prototyping, and testing.


Flea markets are something every Norwegian has a relationship with. And through our research, we quickly found out that there are few places that collect and summarize upcoming events. So we wanted to create an app that makes it easy for people to find out when and where the next flea market is being held, but also make it easy for people that are hosting flea markets to create an event in the app.